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About URL Encoder Decoder Tool

How to work with URL Encoder / Decoder tool?
URL (Uniform Resource Locators) would be the web address of an website and it’s important to use small character set for URL writing. To checker perhaps the URL is written in line with the stand URL specified (RFC 1738), use RL encoder / decoder SEO tool. The tool will encode or decode the URL so that it is based on the URL specified (RFC 1738) which enables it to be used to address an online site. The characters which are not accepted because of the specified URL are substituted with symbol % and hexadecimal amount of 2 digits seen in the character. To use this tool, enter in the details of the URL as well as the tool will encode and also decode the URL. With the help of the effect a user arrive to know which character must be replaced to make the URL good specified URL.

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SEO tools play a crucial role in increasing the site performance. So, it’s vital to choose the best SEO tools for that website. BIG SEO Tools are among the leading SEO tools providers who provide some powerful SEO tools on the website owners with extra ordinary features. SEO Tools offer URL Encoder / Decoder tool, which may be accessed with the website owner to encode or decode the URL. The tool will encode along with decode the URL, so that the webmaster becomes well aware of the smoothness which should be replaced to create the URL much like the standardized URL. Apart from encoding and decoding of URL, the tool furnished by us can do encoding and decoding Java Scripts also. All the user has to do is usually to submit the Java Script and also the tool will encode and decode it in fraction of seconds.

URL encoding/ decoding is a crucial part of SEO
URL ought to be encoded or decoded sometimes with there being some users who don't understand Unicode text. So, by encoding the URL the servers can understand the link and allow users to have access towards the website.
URL encoding and decoding is usually required when the site owner is handling FORM. Forms use two methods i.e. GET and POST to feed parameters between your HTML pages plus the URL must be encoded implicitly in such cases.
To, encode a URL the URL Encoding / Decoding tool may be used thus so that it is easy for that website owner to work with Forms. For example; should the form sends the info “my name is Nikhil” using GET method, user will discover the URL like


So, to encode this URL an online site owner may use the URL Encoding / Decoding tool. The tool will encode and decode the URL so that the webmaster could easily realize what data was sent with the URL. So, make use of the URL Encoding / Decoding tool for making the URL good specified URL (RFC 1738) and encoding/ decoding the Java Scripts.