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    Basic Guide to SEO

    by Admin in Seo tips

    Basic Guide to SEO

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is  technical part of web marketing. It is the most important progress of improving the visibility of a homepage in  search results. SEO working may target different kinds of search, including image search, website search, news search and video search too. SEO is not really simple  but should be known by every webmaster who wants to be success on the internet marketing. If your page is well optimized, you generally get higher search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) rankings, which leads to great traffic for you. Well when users enter definite keywords into the search function of search engines, a link to your homepage will appear if you have properly optimized your site.

    While setting up an online website one of the first decisions pertains to the web design in terms of layout, user friendliness and it has content. Each page of your site must meet typical rules to be correctly indexed so users can easily locate your site.

    Your first step is to make a list of target keywords if you have not it yet. For example site’s target keyword list may resemble the following:

    • SEO
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • SEO Tools
    • Internet marketing
    • Etc.

    After your target keyword list is ready, make sure you heavily use these words throughout each page of your website. Now you need examine the page titles of your site. Your title have to be relatively short, to the point and effectively describe what actually appears on page. Try to take in words from list if the content is relevant with them. The next step to optimizing your site is to place “description” and “keywords” metatags in the header. Of course each page should have a different tag, rather too it is better. The next step in the process is to incorporate heading tags in your HTML code. It has been argued that the main search engines insure more importance to H1 tags, so you might want to think over it when creating your pages, and include your best keywords in it. Place only one “h1 tag on each page that is the most important keyword. Use subsequent head tags (“h2, “h3, etc.) to support the main heading.

    Make a point you should have good content that people want to read and link to. If you can’t do that you will have a very long, hard and expensive road ahead of you when you try to increase your web traffic.