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    Basic SEO tips and Tricks for Beginners

    by Admin in Seo tips

    Basic SEO tips and Tricks for Beginners

    This article is intended to guide newbie’s about SEO (search engine optimization), it aims to provide step by step guide to help you overcome your start up problems. I’ve been in your situation few years ago when I just started my journey in SEO world. I always seek advice, read articles about new trends and techniques on how to optimized and get more visitor to my site.

    Right now, you’re in a right page because I will share you now all my learning’s and my experienced to be on track. So let’s get started.

    Make your Title Short and Attractive

    Every post in your website must have a short yet enticing title to attract visitors to read your post. You must have to implement your keyword in your title to have a better chance to be found on SERPS.

    But how many characters do the title must be? We’ll the best practice should be 50-60 characters according to and you can use the preview tool there to test first your chosen title before using it.

    Use only 1 H1 in your content

    You must follow the guidelines to use only one H1 tag so that Google will directly find it and it directly tells the reader what this content is all about. Heading tags help tells the search engine the level of importance in the content you can also use H2, H3, and H4 tags.

    Provide Fresh and Quality Content

    Your content should focus on your topic example if you’re talking about seo tips then it should sounds like SEO tips and tutorials and don’t talk other things that are not related. It really counts in your SEO score, Google will easily fetch your article if someone search for SEO tips and also if someone read your post they will feel happy and contented that your post give what they are looking for.

    Don’t Spam your Posts

    Spamming of keywords in your content is a very big mistake that mostly of the beginners have done without knowing it. Your site might be penalized and your rank will eventually down due to this errors. You can use your preferred keyword at least 2-3 times appeared in your article.

    URL Structure Matters

    Used a seo friendly url structure that enables the readers to remember it easily if it happen they passed by in your site. It also gives big plus for your site to appear in Google SERPS if someone search for a certain keywords that you are using. What I mean is instead of using you can use see the difference? Now it really looks so seo friendly.

    Get Indexed Fast

    After you made some posts in your site your next problem is how to be indexed in search engines fast right?

    So in Google we can get indexed fast by doing these things:

    – Setup a Google webmaster tools account and add your site

    – Setup a Google analytics account for your site

    – provide XML sitemap and submit to Google

    – make a human sitemap or Html Sitemap then submit to Google

    Page Load Speed

    The Speed of your site matters too, the faster your site is the more visitors will come in your site. If your site load so slow, your readers might not come back in your site or new comers will not stay long and read more about your page.

    There are a lot of sites you can use to check the speed of your site; you can check your page load speed here:
        Big SEO Tool

    Social share buttons

    You should include social buttons in your site. Today social Medias like facebook, twitter, linkedin, Google plus, YouTube and etc. are the number one place for business persons, and other potential customers you may have. So to get updated with what they do and what they are talking about you must have your own social medias accounts to get in touch with them and be sure to implement it on your site.

    Should be mobile friendly

    Yeah, your site must be responsive because more customers are using android phones, tablets and laptops nowadays. It’s a big plus to your current site status if you make your site responsive.

    If you properly follow these things I’m sure you’re site will perform well in SERPS. Good luck!