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    How to Be Approved with AdSense Program by Google

    by Admin in Adsense

    How to Be Approved with AdSense Program by Google

    Owning a website or several of them, you can be sure that you are entitled to join the program run by Google which is called AdSense program. But first of all you should know that there are several factors to make you a good candidate for this sort of program.

    Google will always give you and the interested ones information on the AdSense rules as well as its policies, but on the other hand they will never publish details that relate to the way they proceed into approving your request. So, what is the way through which one can get the approval of an AdSense program?

    • The basic thing here goes for reading Google policies. Reach for their set of policies and thoroughly read them. Google will keep these policies updated and thus you will have the chance to know them accurately before resorting to request an approval for AdSense program. After that you must make your website to follow every policy Google goes by.
    • See to it that the website is rich in its content, the latter being an important factor, although it is not very clear how Google will approve you for the AdSense program. But one thing is for sure: not having enough content on your website, then you can not count among the AdSense program candidates. Apart from this, your content should be also of a good quality for the visitors to make sure to find what they want when entering your website.
    • One other thing that you must look for is to make sure that your site content will be copy proof, meaning that you will not take one text from one similar site and copy – paste on your site. Running a business website you should insert informative details about your business niche as this is a pretty smart strategy for both the AdSense and your business.

    How can one have a site rich in content? For starters it would be great for you to post 40 up to 50 articles that are of good quality and informative as well consisting of 400 up to 500 words per article. If you do not have the skills for writing these articles or you have no time, then have someone do this for you. There are plenty of freelancer sites where you can post your request and find someone to do the writing job for you. Some of them are willing to write the articles for you at the minimum price of $1/article.

    • Ensure to have traffic. Google doesn’t give you any hint related to the traffic. But many experts agree with the fact that Google will not consider a website if this one doesn’t have any traffic or just a little traffic. You could draw Google’s attention with posting some ads on free classifieds as well as submitting several articles on an article directory. All these should be done before requesting a Google AdSense program for your website.