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    How to Increase Your AdSense Earnings

    by Admin in Adsense

    How to Increase Your AdSense Earnings

    Owning your website-s you are looking for ways to increase the traffic on the site-s to bring you more income and one way to do this can be through incorporating AdSense in your online ‘business’ that earns you a pretty good profit. What should you do? The way to do this is to speculate at their maximum the appearance and the placing of the specific ads as in this way you can get more click through rates on those ads.

    The following tips will help you do this in a profitable manner:

    1. Take out the borders that give contour to the ads – as far as I know or more exactly sensed on my own skin is that I tend to ignore those ads that have borders and are displayed on one site. The thing is these ads should blend in with the other content of the site. In this way they can get much easier noticed.
    2. Ensure your ads of enough relevance. For this thing you should make sure to get a niche that is in the attention of many AdWords advertisers since with a heavier competition the cost per click on the ads of your site will definitely increase. For the same relevance feature you must make sure that the page including AdSense focuses on the specific topic.
    3. Having more content will lead to using more ads. In case you own a site which has many pages and many articles on them you must obtain as many ads as it is allowed for one to have. For instance, with Google AdSense you can make use of 3 ad units and 2 link units. It is better to speculate this opportunity at its maximum as long as you are certain to have enough article content on your pages.
    4. Make sure to place your ads inside your site content. Do not place at the sides of the page the AdSense ads or not even merely at the top or at the bottom. You should consider placing the ads straight in the content and use the text for being wrapped around these specific ads. In this way, while visitors read the content they are interested in will have no choice but come across these ads and thus move on to the AdSense image.

    In case this image is also of their interest being as mentioned before, relevant, then they are more likely tempted to click on the ads and see what all is about. For this you should ensure that the content is related to the image of the AdSense and what this one has to sell.

    As you can see there is no problem in attempting to increase your income with AdSense opportunity, as long as you decide to follow the above mentioned steps. Understanding how the click through rate works is the first step that can act as an incentive to the creation of your site that is meant to generate the income you expect having.