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    How to Keep Track of Your AdSense Performance

    by Admin in Adsense

    How to Keep Track of Your AdSense Performance

    Planning to make money through Google AdSense one should make use of accurate information as well as accurate data analysis. Thus would all go down to tracking the performance of your ads. It is a vital thing as in this way you would know which are trash and need to get rid of and which one to keep on your site. You should know that keeping the ads that bring value to both your site and your pocket is after all everything that AdSense is about.

    The tracking process can be a hard one, as there are several factors deciding for a visitor to click on a specific ad and not on other. Knowing all these factors will take time, not to mention that it is hard to keep track of those ads that are displayed in accordance with these factors. Several software vendors will attempt to sell solutions to make this tracking an easy process. But do you actually have to pay for these tools?

    As a matter of fact, one shouldn’t pay a cent on these tools for analyzing the performance of your AdSense as through the aid of Google you are presented with a great suite of tools to keep track and analyze this performance, not to mention they are provided to you for free. Read on and fin d out which are these tools:

    * AdSense channels – are good for testing layouts as well as other factors that determine what is there the best to work for your site. Creating this channel you should present the site via site name, domain, individual pages and sections.

    Thus specific system will record click through rates, impressions, as well as earning statistics. There are two types of such channels that can support you in figuring out the most effective colors and style of the ads, the best place to put the ads on each page, the domains where the AdSense work the best – forums, blogs, or content pages.

    1. Through URL channels you can generate a data stream relying on the pages URL (thus you will know where to place the ad units on your website – you can see also if through article content or forums is the best or even through both to obtain a good click through rate)

    2. Through Custom channels you can open a collection of data stream that is based on specific criteria. In here the tweaking for your forum page ads can bring you a strong tool for creation and aggregator. You can create a channel for each ad and thus keeping individual track on its performance. When resorting to tweak your ad unit ensure to insert the change one at a time and when finding one that works then you should stick to it.

    * Other methods available also for free are: Google Analytics, AsRep Google ad tracking trial version, and AdSense tracking script.