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    Optimizing Websites And Blogs

    by Admin in Seo tips

    Optimizing Websites And Blogs

    A good Search Engine Optimization could make a huge difference for your online business. Take a few minutes to go over the tips presented in this article and start developing a strategy adapted to your business.Write quality content and share it on different sites. Get in touch with webmasters and bloggers to have your content linked to or featured. Guest posts are a great way to gain new readers and to attract attention from search engine spiders, especially if your content is featured on a popular site. Offer something in return; feature articles on your site or help promote the sites that feature you by sharing links on your site, blog or in social network updates. Make sure all these links are optimized with strong keywords or search engine spiders will not follow them. Keywords are a central element of your SEO campaign. Choose strong keywords your potential customers actually use: use Google AdWords to compare search volumes and select popular keywords. Avoid using keywords your competitors have already optimized their sites with unless you think you should be in direct competition with these sites. It is best to give your online business the time to grow before you compete directly with other businesses. Make sure your keywords appear consistently throughout your content and your back-links. They should be present in your meta tags, your articles, titles, URLs and anchor texts. It is important to share diverse content on your site, including pictures, videos, podcasts, flash content, polls or games. Your reader will appreciate this content but search engine spiders will not be able to interpret it. This is why you need to describe this type of content with keywords. Add alt tags to your pictures; select a few keywords that describe the picture and are related to the article that goes with the image. You can do the same thing for videos: upload your video on YouTube and embed it on your site. You will get a lot of traffic from YouTube if you use strong keywords to describe your video. Organize your site carefully. Test it yourself and have your friends navigate it to get some feedback. Your site should be as simple and well-structured as possible. Search engine spiders will not spend more than a few minutes on your site; it is important they find the pages where you sell your products quickly. Create a menu so that your main pages can be easily accessed and add links to your product pages or to your newsletter subscription form on the most visible part of your pages. You should also create an XML sitemap to help search engine spiders find the most important pages of your site and index them. Download an XML plugin to create a map of your site and upload this map to your server. Upgrade it if you make any major changes to your site.Use these SEO techniques to optimize your site and you should quickly see a difference. Stay up to date with new techniques and trends to keep visitors coming to your site.