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    Optimizing your links as a part of your SEO campaign

    by Admin in Seo tips

    Optimizing your links as a part of your SEO campaign

    Links are essential as a good SEO strategy. Are your links properly optimized? Read this article to find out more about the best linking techniques.

    Go over all your links and replace your anchor text with strong keywords. You should never use irrelevant text such as ‘click here’. Instead, choose strong keywords that describe the content your readers can access by clicking on the links. Ideally, your anchor text should contain one or two strong keywords toward the beginning. There is not use in using long anchor texts: search engine spiders will be able to analyze your anchor texts quickly and decide to follow the link or not if they are short and straight to the point.

    Place your back-links on popular sites that are trusted by search engines and visited by your target audience. Look for sites with a similar target audience and get in touch with these webmasters or bloggers. Pay to have your link featured or exchange links. The best thing to do is to have an entire article featured: this is an excellent occasion to place several links to other related articles on your site. You should agree with your partners about the anchor text used before the link is published.

    You need to optimize the text around your links to bring attention to the anchor text and to the link. Use strong keywords if you can and state an interesting fact to make your readers want to click on the links. Search engine spiders are not able to judge how good your content is, but human readers will want to click on a link if you can capture their attention. Search engine spiders will follow the links that get the most attention and probably index these pages if they are judged as relevant.

    Your site should be well-organized and your design as simple as possible. Featuring important links will be easier if you can place them in a prominent spot on your pages, which is possible with a simple design. Think carefully before you choose which links should be the most noticeable: perhaps you should feature a link to your best reviews or to your most interesting discounts. Do not hesitate to change these links regularly if you need to attract attention to new pages.

    Getting links from .edu domains is a good way to gain credibility, both from search engine spiders and your customers. These sites usually belong to colleges or universities. You can obtain links on these sites by sponsoring events, offering scholarships, grants or simply being present on campus through the support of student organization or athletic teams. This is a very interesting marketing strategy if college students are likely to be interested in your products.

    Apply these tips the next time you create new links on your site. Combine these techniques with other SEO strategies, including selecting the best keywords, updating your site regularly, sharing content on social networks and structuring your site as efficiently as possible.