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    Website Visibility SEO Tips

    by Admin in Seo tips

    Website Visibility

    As a website owner, you already realize the importance of your website being visible to potential customers. If they cannot find your site in the search engines it's unlikely you will ever see any real profits from all of your hard work. Try these search engine optimization techniques to get your site seen when it matters the most.

    - Get links from authority sites.  Authority sites are ones that are seen as the best of the best in their industry. These are typically very large information sites that have been around for a long time. Because the search engines place a lot of value on where these sites links to, one link from an authority site can have a tremendous effect on improving your rankings. Although getting links from authority sites can be difficult, it’s definitely worth the extra effort.

    - Don’t try and trick the search engines with three-way links. As one-way links become more important to the search engines, some webmasters have devised a reciprocal linking plan that makes it look like they’re getting more one-way links than they are. The idea is that three sites participate. Site A links to site B, site B links to site C and site C links to site A. On the surface it looks like these are all one-way links. But it is only a matter of time before the search engines figure this out (if they haven’t already!) and penalize all of the sites involved.

    - Consider the quality of the page you're getting a link from. When deciding whether to pursue a link from a particular site, some people will tell you to look at its Google PageRank Google. But even Google admits that it does not keep the PageRank value shown to the public up-to-date. Instead, look at whether the site practices good SEO techniques. Where do they rank in the search engines? Getting a link from a site that is already ranking well will help improve your ranking. Your site looks better by association.

    - Choose your navigation system carefully. Your navigation system is how spiders move around your site. If you choose a menu system that they cannot follow they will have no way of indexing all of your pages. Whenever possible, use text links for your menu. Or if you want to do something more graphical, make sure that your navigation buttons do not include an image map and that you include appropriate keywords in the image alt tag. Probably the worst option is DHTML menus that create effects such as pull down boxes so unless it’s critical to the design of your site, this type of navigation system is best avoided.

    - Use the meta tags as they were meant to be used.  Although the meta keyword and meta description tags do little to boost your site rankings, they can hurt them. The search engines are on the lookout for over-optimized sites and penalize them. Use the meta tags as they were intended and include your most relevant keywords without spamming. The best approach is to create different meta tags for each page of your site and in them include the 2-3 keyword phrases used on that page. It’s also a good idea not to include any one word (whether you’re trying to rank well for it or not) more than 3 times and do not put the same word twice in a row (even if it is separate by a comma or period).

    Why decrease your profits by paying for SEO services, when you know how to do it yourself?  With the help of SEO experts, we have gathered the information above in order to demonstrate some of the ways that you can reduce your spending, and increase your search engine placement.