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    Three Easy Steps to Identify Strong Keywords

    by Admin in Seo tips

    Three Easy Steps to Identify Strong Keywords

    Search engine optimization is a road to success for every website that needs to get more traffic. The most important thing to make this happen is to choose right keywords, because it can mean difference between just a few visitors per week instead of few thousands. If your keywords are used badly in your website you can end up in page fifty in Google’s list instead of page number one. Before creating your own marketing strategy you have to find strong keywords that are relevant to your website’s content. In this article you will get to know three easy steps on how to identify strong keywords.
    First thing to do if you want to find good keywords is just to make simple list of them. Just sit and write down every word and phrase which comes in mind when thinking about the product or service you want to offer. Just imagine yourself in the place of people who are trying to find information about what you are offering. Every word can help you to generate new ones.

    With the help of useful internet tools you can expand your keywords list even more. Google AdWords Keywords Tool will help you to come up with synonyms to every word you have wrote down earlier. This tool will also show you what keywords were used more extensively in Google’s search box for past year.

    One more tool is Word Tracker’s Keyword Suggestion. This one will give you the same information about use of keywords, but it is scope is limited to USA.

    Use their tools wisely to help yourself while writing content for your website.

    As you steadily build your own keyword list you may be suggested with other keywords that you haven’t thought of on your own. This can help you to embrace new ideas for your websites content. You have to remember that when you are writing copies of your SEO keywords have to be found in article’s title, subject and copy. Just use your common sense when writing copies, because Google’s algorithms will determine your content as only made for the purpose of generating better SEO. Give your best to include keywords naturally in the content that you are writing, because otherwise it can backfire and do harm to your website instead of helping it to get more traffic.

    You really need to know everything about a thing that you are trying to offer for your potential customers, because that’s the only way to know how people in the web will be searching for you. Making your own keywords list is an essential thing to achieve effective SEO. After you have huge and complete list you can write better copy articles and attract more organic traffic to your website and achieve better sales.