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    Unique Content: Imperative for SEO

    by Admin in Seo tips

    Unique Content: Imperative for SEO

    When someone is searching for something on the internet they will likely go to a search engine. This can be google, bing, yahoo, or any other search engine site. They enter text into the search bar. These words are known as “keywords”. The search engine will pull up the most relevant information for the user. But how does the search engine know what is relevant? Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the answer.

    The search engines find new web pages by following links around the internet. They compare pages to determine efficiency; the most efficient articles get the highest ranks. Search engines want to provide their users with the best content possible, the fastest way they can, so that they look good.

    The top 10 search results are displayed on the first page of the search engine after a user hits the search button. This helps the user find what they are looking for quickly so that they don’t waste their time searching through irrelevant websites without finding what they are looking for. There are millions of articles on the internet. Each one is usually different. Some are longer than others, and some are unique. The longer and more interesting and unique your article is, the better chance you have of getting in the higher ranking results.

    Search engines will check whether or not an article is unique through a program called CopyScape. This site uses algorithms to find out whether the article is completely original or not. Duplicated articles; the ones that didn’t come first, are normally reprimanded or ignored and put in lower rankings because they did not provide fresh unique content. Making sure people aren’t borrowing or stealing your content is important. Although CopyScape does it’s best, you could still be penalized even if you had the information first.

    If you want your content to come out in the top of the search engine results, you have to take certain steps to determine whether it is unique. The more unique your article is the better chance you have of getting a higher rank. You will also gain popularity because of your writing. Try to think of fresh content that no one else has written and make sure to check your work through CopyScape before posting it. Each check only costs $0.05, and you can input up to 2000 words and get accurate results.

    One rule to live by is to “Never copy and paste”! This is very important. If you decide to copy and paste, if you are using a website for information, the best thing to do would be to click on your bottom tool bar, select “show windows side by side” and then you can reference the information on the webpage while not copying exactly what they are saying.