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    Want To Be Number One On Google?

    by Admin in Seo tips

    Want To Be Number One On Google?

    Do you know what it takes to be number one on Google?  Many people try to get this position, however unless you understand how the search algorithms work you will never be that lucky.  Try out some of these fantastic tips today, and you will see your site moving up towards that goal of number one.

    - If you use keywords in your file names, don't overdo it. If your keyword phrase includes 5 words you won't be doing yourself any favors to save your homepage file as  “here_are_all_my_keywords.html”. This looks like you’re trying to stuff your keywords in anywhere and everywhere! Instead choose a system for naming your files that makes it easy to tell what they are, without worrying about cramming in every keyword the page is optimized for.

    - Put javascript code in an external file. There are lots of instances where it makes sense to use javascript code on a site to provide functionality to users. If it adds value for your customers then go for it! However, since the search engines cannot read javascript it’s a good idea to put the code in an external file. This avoids them getting hung up in the code and possibly leaving your site before they’ve spidered it completely.

    - Register your site for longer than one year at a time. There is some evidence that the search engines, particularly Google, give more weight to sites that have a URL that is registered for longer than one year. The reasoning behind this is that if you own a legitimate site you will plan to be in business indefinitely. Whereas spammers tend to use domains for a few months only and then move on to a new one.

    - Be creative in incorporating keywords. The search engines see a “.” a “,” and a ”-“ as a space. Use this to your advantage when writing copy using keyword phrases. For example, if you were optimizing for the term “picture frames” one way to incorporate that phrase into your copy would be to write… “Come to use when you want to do something special with your favorite picture. Frames are available in a variety of different sizes and colors.” See how that works?

    - Use Google Sitemaps to get your inner pages indexed. Many sites have a problem when it comes to getting their inner pages indexed. Luckily Google has a solution to help webmasters overcome this problem. Google Sitemaps ( ) is an easy to use tool that allows you to tell Google about every page of your site. Although it won’t help your rankings, it may get more of your pages in the index, which could mean more traffic.

    You have put a lot of effort into your website.  The content, the navigation, the images… the list is endless. So why stop there?  Optimize your site today with the information above, and sit back and watch how quickly your site moves up on the search engine results pages.