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    Free Tool: Keyword Density Checker

    What is keyword density checker tool?
    Our Free Keyword Density checker Tool is central to the tool that is utilized to count text based in the on a single webpage, with text used within and heading tags. So, you can utilize our online keyword density checker tool to evaluate which keywords are already used repeatedly (amount of times) with a page and represent those content in the most precious metadata tags on the website including heading tags and alt text to enhance your keyword relevance. This tool may be used to identify your mistakes, so you're able to make the suitable corrections. If you’re utilizing a lot of keyword of keywords a single post, and that means you should reduce the quantity of keywords otherwise Google will blacklist your site for the reason behind keyword stuffing. Here, have a look at website against Google Blacklist checker.

    Also, do that free keyword density tool to be expanded insight towards the page content you have now. The keyword density checker can also help you as part of your SEO site analysis efforts to finding what you essentially want on the page.

    We can’t chose the meaningful guidelines set by Google for keyword density; as outlined by SEO experts you ought to keep your main keyword(s) between 2% to 3%, and fewer important keywords (long tail keyword phrases) between 1% and 2%.

    Importance of Keyword Density Checker Tool
    Once you could have written content to get a blog or maybe a website, you will need to make certain suitable level of keywords is needed. The numbers of times, a keyword appear around the website or blog is called keyword density. Previously, Google has adopted a strict policy in connection with keyword density and websites which attempt to add irrelevant keywords for the content knowning that too in a very large volume of web pages are penalized. As an example, when you are planning write 500-word article and would like to place a certain keyword as 500-word article then you've got to make without doubt the keyword just isn't repeated time and again. Check the keyword's density by calculating the precise keyword density it's good make use of our online with free streaming keyword density tool. It becomes complicated to calculate the keyword manually which is quite time wasting. Hence, our automation SEO tools need to be deployed for this reason. It will not make only you should be able to save your time but will also be able to accomplish amazingly accurate results.

    Why Use Keywords Our Keyword Density Tool?
    The primary reason, the keyword density checker tool provided by us is simply to give you accurate results since it has been made with a large amount of devotion and hard work. Our team of template designers has made certain right studies done before finalizing everything. Our quality control team ensured us the tools are tested to excellence before being launched for that honored clients. Another outstanding part with this SEO tool presented by us is that it gives accurate results within couple of seconds.


    Keywords are those specific words which are searched in a search engine. When you search any information on the web in any order, you open a search engine and write some keyword describing what you are looking for. At the other end, the search engine checks your desired keyword related information in its database and shows the results listing pages according to the words submitted. These words that are used to search anything called keywords or search terms. If you have used some search terms, you will know that even a single keyword shows a broad list of required information. To make your search better, you need to use keyword along with other words or a phrase. This gives more relevant search results. You can get some keyword suggestion from different online tools.
    Importance of keywords
    Keywords play an important role to increase traffic in your website. Keywords can be used in your website related to the search engine to offer you targeted traffic to you web pages. Keyword facilitates people who need your information or any product to reach you. For example, keywords are the contact numbers for your business and search engines like Google and Yahoo are like the telephone directory, this telephone directory list your contact and address in shape of keyword.
    Which keywords are the best for my website?
    Now, how you will decide that which keywords the best and relevant to your web pages? This is the most important to use top paying keywords and good keywords related to your website. For this, for a while consider you as a customer who goes to the shoe shop and asks for their required shoe. What type of questions you will ask to demand your required design, size, company and she price? And what words or phrase you will use? These will be your keyword and appropriate use of keyword in a phrase. Now in the same way, use keywords in phrases relevant to your product or web content.
    List your keywords and phrases or get some help from adwords keyword tool, keyword selector tool or another keyword tool and also use keywords analyzer to find top paying keywords related to your website. Now use your keywords in your web content in an appropriate phrase and wait for the result. Remember, that a single popular keyword have a lot of competition to get top ranking in the search result.
    Are you using popular keywords?
    Do not expect that after using proper keywords and submitting your site to the search engines ensures the flood of traffic to your website. Seo is not a part time job, it require time and concentration as well as seo skill. Firstly, search engines can take several weak to process your submission. Secondly, some search engine considers many other factors such as site popularity and traffic to rank your site. Site popularity is determined by the back links to your site. Therefore, it is necessary to enhance your site popularity; you need to establish reciprocal links techniques.
    Another important factor that most people forget while putting keyword position, the people may not enter the keyword or phrase in search engine as your keyword. So using keywords according to their nature is very necessary.
    It is advised you use some keyword search tool or google keyword tool to find some good adwords keywords, ppc keywords and adsense keywords relevant to your pages. Don’t forget that your purpose is to get targeted traffic therefore, the more accurate and appropriate keywords, the more chances your site will be reviewed. can help you get some good keyword according to your site.
    Some keyword tips
    Let me tell you guys that how I use my keywords:
       1. Best Place For Keywords
          The best places of keywords in your pages include at the top of your page, in the headline, sub headline, in title, first and
          last paragraph. Search engine spiders are to as wise as you, they search for the exact keyword. Therefore if you really
          interested to boost up your traffic, then use specific keywords in the exact phrase. Try to use the keyword in the first
          paragraph, in the first line or sentence.
       2. Keywords And META Tags
          Using keywords in META tags always a good technique to enhance the site and keyword traffic. It doesn’t matter which tool
          you are using to design your pages, after you have finished your design, save your work and open the HTML coding. Check
          the HTML coding,
    Title: The sites title something that you show at the top of the browser screen in blue button. You can change the site title
          with very shot description and include one keyword.
    Description: Now do something same like title for the keyword and description. For keyword type some appropriate keyword
          and for site description, write a short sentence, this will be shown in browser when visitor will search your site and the search
          list will appear on the browser screen. You can write this description at least 25 words and include one or two keywords.
          It is better to use different site title and description and keyword for each page.
       3. Keyword And ALT Tag
          If you add an image or picture, you can include an ALT tag containing a short description with a keyword. The search engine
          robot will read your ALT tag like META tag.